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Mob Attack Victim Speaks Out

Teen severely injured by group of attackers



    A man attacked by a group of teens talks about his ordeal. (Published Tuesday, Aug. 23, 2011)

    The victim of a mob attack at a CTA train station is speaking out about his ordeal.

    The 18-year-old man, who would not give his real name, says he was knocked to the ground Friday night near the Chinatown Red Line station by seven teenagers, and brutally beaten.

    He suffered a fractured skull and needed 15 stitches on his face

    "I'm appreciative that I'm actually living right now," the victim said. "Pretty much I just got attacked, and once I got tripped, I fell. I didn't see anything, I just went into the fetal position.

    Police said the offenders stomped on his head and kicked him in the ribs.

    The attackers apparently wanted his smartphone, but the victim says he would've just given it to them if they'd have asked.

    "Material things are not even worth losing your life over," he said.

    The alleged attackers ran onto the platform after the beating, but alert CTA security officers noticed what happened, and held the suspects until police arrived.

    All seven teenagers were arrested and police are seeing if they can connect them to over crimes.

    The victim says he isn't sure if he'll have any long term problems with his eye.