Smoking Cessation Resources Available in Chicago

Looking to kick the habit? The following Chicago-area resources may give you just the support you need:

  • The Respiratory Health Association offers Courage to Quit, an adult tobacco cessation program based upon proven methods and developed by Dr. King for tobacco dependence treatment. Led by trained program leaders, Courage to Quit offers information, skill-building, and support to help participants achieve their smoke-free goals.
  • The University of Chicago Medicine offers two programs -- Courage to Quit and UCanQuit -- to help smokers become ex-smokers.
  • The Healthy Lungs Initiative is a program partnership between Respiratory Health Association and Cook County Health and Hospitals System. Through Healthy Lungs Initiative, trained health educators offer smoking cessation counseling in multiple health care and social service settings throughout Cook County.
  • is a free, online program that helps you re-learn life without cigarettes through personalized quit plans and support from smokers and ex-smokers.
  • The Illinois Tobacco Quitline is a statewide telephone helpline staffed by trained counselors who can provide information about quitting and can work with you to develop a customized quit smoking plan. Contact the Illinois Tobacco Quitline at 1-866-QUIT-YES.
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