Living Well With Dr. Mary Ann Malloy

Dr. Mary Ann Malloy is a nationally recognized medical expert who has presented health reports on NBC5 for fifteen years. She also write a column that appears in the Daily Southtown on Tuesdays.

E-mail questions to Dr. Malloy's Medical Mailbag. Answers given at 9 a.m., Sundays.

Dr. Malloy is graduate of Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine where she now is a member of the faculty. She has been president of the American Heart Association in Chicago and is the founding chairman of its Women and Heart Disease Committee.

She serves as an expert source for numerous programs and publications. Dr. Malloy has appeared on Dateline and the Today Show. She is interviewed frequently in national publications including Time Magazine, Reader's Digest, Glamour, Harper's Bazaar, and Fitness.

Dr. Malloy maintains a private practice in Elmhurst, Illinois. She is married and has two sons.

While NBC5 is not in the business of dispensing one-on-one medical advice, Dr. Malloy often answers viewer e-mails and voice-mail questions on the air. If you would like to drop a line with a question, click here to e-mail her. You may also want to visit her Web site at

Please note, due to the volume of mail the doctor receives, not all questions will be answered, but she will do her best to address shared concerns and inquiries on a regular basis. Dr. Malloy always recommends a visit to your personal physician if you need medical advise or treatment.

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