Eat More and Lose Weight? Maybe

Researchers Working on Foods That Trick Intestine

Simply put, dieting is a pain in the neck. So what if you could lose weight and eat whatever you want?

The Institute of Food Research in England is embarking on a project to create foods that slow down the digestive system. It's these manufactured foods that you could chow down on, because a slowed digestive system will trick your brain into thinking you've overeaten, when you haven't. It works this way.

Researchers believe they can engineer fat content in everything from yogurt to bread so that it gets digested later, and triggers appetite suppressing hormones.That's when the intestinal cells tell the brain.. hey we're full.. stop eating. So you're basically tricking your brain into thinking you ate more than you did -- they say they could do this without affecting the taste of the food, and if all goes well, grocery stores could start stocking the engineered foods in just a few years.

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