Dr. Paul Dobransky, MD

The Fireman and the Shrink

Dr. Paul Drobransky, M.D. is a board-certified psychiatrist and author of The Secret Psychology of How We Fall in Love (Penguin, 2007). Unlike other professionals in the psychology/dating advisor field, Dobransky has the professional credentials to make him a leading authority in the science of attraction, dating and relationships, while also being a young guy in on the latest romantic challenges and needs of today's men and women.

He also has extensive experience working and consulting with many popular personalities in men's media. Dr. Paul claims the E=mc2 of psychology has been discovered after years of researching the key elements of men's and women's differences and finding what it takes to keep them working together. He helps people become more attractive to the opposite sex and offers tips from the latest breakthroughs in psychology that play a big part in finding your next date.

Dr. Paul says he speaks to audiences from the standpoint of both a science expert, but also as an everyday guy living the latest in the urban social scene. He's the host of his famed Seventh Sense Seminars -- a daytime class, in addition to a live, social skills intensive workshop out on the town that helps men and women improve their dating game and perhaps more importantly, helps them navigate the nightlife as smart, savvy singles armed with the latest romantic strategies science has to offer.

To learn more about Dr. Paul, men log on to his Web site at www.doctorpaul.net and women log on to www.womenshappiness.com.

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