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Chicago: Fatter Than Ever

Index studies fitness in 50 metro areas



    Chicago: Fatter Than Ever
    Martin Diebel
    Shape up, Philly, according to stats, we're too fat!

    Chicago's not ready for bikini season.

    The city as a whole has dropped in fitness and health, according to the American Fitness Index by the American College of Sports Medicine, meaning we're pudgier, flabbier and short of breath.

    Last year Chicago ranked at 25th. This year, we had a few extra slices of deep-dish and came in at 33rd.

    The index studies the behaviors, chronic-disease conditions, and community resources of the country's 50 largest metropolitan areas.

    "The ACSM American Fitness Index not only measures the state of health and fitness in our nation's largest communities, but evaluates the infrastructure, community assets, policies and opportunities which encourage residents to live a healthy and fit lifestyle," said AFI Advisory Board Chair Walt Thompson. "I liken the data report and rankings to the metro areas 'getting a physical' at the doctor's office. The information learned from the physical will help each metro area identify areas of strength and weakness."

    So where are the slim and trim living? For the third consecutive year, Washington, D.C., ranked highest in health and fitness levels among major cities.

    Boston, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Seattle, and Portland (Oregon) rounded out the top five. The five worst cities: Oklahoma City, Okla (50), Birmingham, Ala. (49), Memphis, Tenn (48), Detroit (47) and Louisville, KY (46).

    Matt Bartosik is a Chicago native and a social media sovereign.

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