Chicago Rolls out the Green Carpet

Friday art, fashion show promotes an eco-friendly lifestyle in Chicago

Earth Share of Illinois, an environmental organization dedicated to promoting green-friendly projects, is hosting a green carpet event this Friday, May 21.

The eco-friendly party, called ReVamped, is a fashion and art show centered on cutting-edge recycling. Attending celebrities and guests include Jillian Harris, Designer and Bachelorette, and some of the city’s most innovative fashion designers.

ReVamped will feature a runway show with professional models advertising revolutionary fashion designs made from recycled clothing and raw materials.

The event’s Facebook page describes the party’s purpose as “proudly promoting the beauty [of] eco-conscious designs”.

The celebration of imagination, rethinking and reusing will be held at Salvage One, at 1840 W. Hubbard, at 7 p.m.

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