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Jennifer Beals Wants Chicago To Recycle

The actress says she's taking the issue to Chicago officials.



    Jennifer Beals Wants Chicago To Recycle

    Jennifer Beals wants you to think twice before trashing that plastic bottle.

    In an interview with The Huffington Post, the actress said she's calling on Chicago to recycle, saying she's talking to the Illinois governor's office about a plan of action.

    Beals, a Chicago native, is back home to film "Chicago Code," in which she plays a police superintendent with a no-nonsense attitude -- the same mindset she's bringing to the recycling debate.

    The city launched Blue Cart Recycling in residential areas in 2007,and according to its website, Chicago provides blue bins to more than 240,000 households for paper, plastic and other recyclables.

    The plan has come under fire by some residents, though the city reports 13 percent of more than 304,000 tons collected from Blue Cart homes in the first part of 2010 was recycling.

    Beals thinks city officials can do better, saying she thinks recycling could be "financially feasible" for everyone.