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COVID by the Numbers: Illinois Cases Climb Rapidly Again After Slowed Increase

Last Monday, May 2, Illinois reported an average of 3,639 cases, which was only a 16% jump from a week earlier.

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After a decline in coronavirus cases a week earlier, numbers have picked up pace again in Illinois, according to the latest data from the Illinois Department of Public Health.

As of Monday, the state was seeing an average of 5,154 new cases per day over the last seven days, IDPH data revealed. That represents an increase of 41.6% in the last week, climbing from 3,639 cases per day as of last Monday.

However, the situation was drastically different the week prior.

Last Monday, May 2, Illinois reported an average of 3,639 cases, which was only a 16% jump from a week before that. Over the last month, daily case rates in the state have increased by more than 180%, according to IDPH data.

Hospitalizations had been largely flat in the state last month, but have increased in recent weeks. However, based on data reported Monday, hospitalizations aren't accelerating at the same rate as reported cases. There are 777 hospitalized patients in the state that have tested positive for COVID-19. Of those, 85 are in intensive care unit beds, according to health officials.

Hospitalizations jumped 6% during the last seven days, a much slower rise than the 21% experienced a week earlier.

While cases have gone up, the number of deaths have seen both declines and increases.

The state is averaging seven fatalities a day related to COVID, a slight boost from the previous week, when an average of six deaths occurred. However, the number is still below the average of 11 deaths a day that was reported one month ago.

Over the last seven days, the state is averaging 13,180 COVID vaccinations per day, a slight upward trend after a long descent from mid-April through now.

Approximately 73.2% of the state’s eligible population of residents age 5 and older are fully vaccinated against COVID, while 81.5% of those residents have been given at least one dose. Approximately 4.4 million residents have gotten their booster shots, according to IDPH data.

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