Cook County Vaccines: More Appointments to Open as County Moves to Phase 1B-Plus

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As Cook County prepares to move into Phase 1B Plus of the state’s coronavirus vaccination plan next week, new appointments will be opening up through the county’s website beginning on Friday.

According to officials with the Cook County Department of Public Health, those new appointments will become available at 12 p.m. Friday.

Individuals residing in the state of Illinois who meet eligibility criteria will be permitted to sign up for information on the county’s coronavirus website, and appointments will open at noon Friday.

Under Phase 1B Plus, all Illinois residents 65 and older will be eligible for COVID vaccine appointments. Residents 16 years of age or older with specific comorbidities, including cancer, chronic kidney disease, COPD, diabetes, heart conditions, obesity, pulmonary disease and sickle cell disease, will all be eligible.

Pregnant women, smokers and individuals with disabilities will also become eligible.

That eligibility will officially begin on March 22, according to Cook County officials.

CCDPH says it will continue to evaluate whether to move forward into Phase 1C along with the rest of the state of Illinois later this month, according to officials.

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