Why You Should Just Start and Trust Your Ideas

I believe in modern day miracles, a happening that is one part luck, one part fate and one part initiative. Here is my story.

Until very recently, I was bored. Although I had a wonderful life with a great husband, two daughters, 15 grandchildren, a wonderful dog, Orchid, (who is my writing partner!), friends around the globe and a world traveler I was listless. I was in robot mode during my days with no purpose or passion. “What was I to do?” I asked myself repeatedly.

And then, a year ago, by chance, I was seated next to a woman author I did not know. Through our conversation she led me, unknowingly, to my purpose.

I confided in her and explained my situation. Her advice: “Susan, start writing. Keep a journal for three months.”

I replied, “I cannot keep a journal. I do not know how to write.”

Her profound answer led me into my purpose. “You will find your voice.”

I made my decision. I would try. My husband encouraged me. My plan was to write everyday for three months no matter where I was. I programmed my laptop. From Russia to Paris to Normandy and London, in car or on a plane, in a hotel room or at home I wrote, never missing a day for three months! The moment my fingers touched my keyboard a sense of peace came over me. I was happy. Very happy.

After three months, I re-read my journals and found my passion. I wanted to write about life’s issues. Why? Because I earned my PhD in life! I have been there and done that. I was widowed, remarried, the matriarch of a blended family, world traveler, the daughter of elderly parents, cancer survivor, dealt with family suicide, dog lover, shopper, volunteer and on and on.

My life’s journey gave me firsthand knowledge of life, coupled with a sense of values taught to me by my parents. I decided I would become a blogger. I wanted to write. I wanted to share, because it made me happy. I would blog, for the community of grandmothers, mothers and daughters.

I must tell you: I had never taken a writing class. I knew nothing about the Internet. I had no experience in business, but I had two very important ingredients mastered: desire and true grit.

Excited and determined, I plowed ahead. I hired a social media expert who is my right arm to run my site, designed my logo and website, formed an LLC and applied for my trademark, which should be approved by the trademark office in Washington very soon. I have written more than 270 blogs in nine months, writing about everyday happenings that happen to all of us. From how to buy a bathing suit, detecting suicide warning signs and traveling with grandchildren, I write. I was invited and blog for other sites like Chicago Now, BeliefNet and Grand Magazine.

What started out as a little blog site has grown into a following of 50,000 followers on Facebook and 3,000 active followers on my site. It’s been less than one year and I have a long way to go. I am purposeful, excited and no longer restless. I am happy. I have found my purpose and passion. How lucky is that?

Please take away this advice if you are feeling as I did:

• If you do not try, you will never know.
• If you fail, at least you know you tried.

Gramma Good is the hip matriarch of a blended family with 15 grandchildren, a cancer survivor and a wise blogger whose degree is in life.

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