How to Make your Presence Pop on Twitter

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Don't be fooled by the word "social" in "social media." You don't become a social butterfly just by registering an account and showing up to the party fashionably late -- and if you aren't on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or if you still have an Orkut account, you aren't just fashionably late, you're risking showing up rudely late.

Well, TechCrunch has your back. In a piece posted over the weekend -- so you'll be forgiven for missing this one -- Ryan Spoon lays out five simple steps that demystifies what you should be doing on the potentially intimidating Twitter platform. Ready? Here they are.

1. Listen.
2. Be authentic.
3. Be compelling.
4. Find the influencers.
5. Extend off Twitter and onto your site.

See? Nothing to be intimidated by. Of course, the real question is "how" you do all these things, but with anything else you'll have to experiment, which means you'll have to fail. But any entrepreneur worth their ingenuity and sticktoitiveness can tell you: You have to fail to succeed.

Techcrunch also has a great presentation that elaborates on the points above, so, get goin' young beautiful tweeters

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