How to Make Simpler Business Plans

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You don't need us to tell you that writing a business plan is daunting. So daunting it likely brings up memories of working on a big final project in college, with your word processor open and too many distractions. Well, UpStart Bootcamp Founder David Ronick is kicking off a three-part series over on how to make pounding out a business plan much less painless, and the first entry debuted Tuesday.

In six bullet points, Ronick gives clear-cut advice on six different topics like addressing unmet needs. 

To make your business succeed, you have to match your product with needs your customers have that aren't being satisfied today... start with a clear, objective understanding of what your customers really need or want, and are not getting. Just because your mom loves your iPad app idea, doesn't mean customers will buy it. 

He also touches on ways to simplify your strategy, what sort of investments you'll need to make to reach your audience, and setting goals.

Read the full list over at, and watch that space for the subsequent two posts wrapping up the series. 

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