How Startups Can Go Beyond Twitter for PR

Social media isn’t the only way for a startup to flex its PR muscles. There are other options too – some of them inexpensive or even free. It’s always worth taking note on new ideas, and new takes on old ones. Inc. Magazine’s article on PR tools for startups lists a few ways to grab the attention of the media.

Here's a summation on what the Inc. writer recommends.

Expand Beyond Twitter – PR isn’t all about Twitter and Facebook. Try posting press releases on sites like, Free Press Release, and Inc. lists others as well. 

Flaunt Expertise - Write case studies and white papers, and distribute to them media, your customers, and other professionals in your industry. Hire a freelancer or grad student if you don’t trust your writing skills.
Know Your Market's Bloggers - Most products are built for a specific population of users or specific use cases, and whatever your product or service, there are bloggers who write about it and influence others. Ask them to try your product or service. Bloggers and journalists are also interested in new trends and data — something that you can provide.
Speak Up! - Speaking at events and conferences often lead to interesting PR opportunities for your company.
Go for the Gold -- Applying to annual industry awards or can be time consuming, but they can also attract the attention of the media and new customers and bring recognition.
The article also suggests joining a charity - donating time, products or services. It also lists some obvious but overlooked ideas, such as picking up the phone and introducing yourself, rather than emailing. It makes a difference.
Read the full piece here.
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