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Fur Flies for Money Laundering Furrier

Widely advertised business owner laundered more than $400,000



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    A widely advertised Chicago furier has pleaded guilty to taking part in a money laundering scheme for a drug operation.

    The man behind the widely-advertised Adriana Furs in Chicago is probably not singing the catchy song right now.

    Sohrab Tebyanian, 62, has pleaded guilty to a money laundering conspiracy scheme in U.S. District Court Friday  that authorities say included the funneling of hundreds of thousands of dollars in illegal drug proceeds through his company.

    The federal charges say Tebyanian concealed drug profits for other people by taking the cash into the company. One way he did that was by ghost payrolling individuals with the retail shops who weren't really doing any work. He isn't accused in taking part in the drug operation.

    Prosecutors say Tebyanian laundered more than $400,000, and could face up to 57 months in prison.

    Andriana Furs has three retail locations in Chicago.