Altercation Between Oswego Portillo's Employee, Customer Caught on Camera

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Oswego police are continuing to investigate after a confrontation between an employee and a customer at a suburban Portillo’s restaurant was captured on video, with the clip spreading like wildfire on social media.

The incident occurred Sunday after a beverage spilled inside of a customer’s vehicle at the restaurant. The employee and the customer got into a verbal altercation while the customer was still sitting inside of his vehicle.

Eventually the altercation turned physical, with both individuals suffering minor injuries. The employee, an 18-year-old man, suffered a sprained elbow and had hair removed from his head, according to police. He was briefly hospitalized and has since been released. The customer, a 48-year-old man, suffered injuries to his face and abrasions to other parts of his body, but declined medical treatment.

Both individuals involved say they felt threatened during the verbal altercation, according to police.

Police say they are looking through surveillance footage of the incident. Video has not been found that shows the start of the confrontation, but other video, including footage on social media, has been widely disseminated, and is being examined by police as officials determine whether charges will be filed in the case.

“We understand the concern over this incident in the community, and are working to gather information as quickly as possible to understand the full picture of what transpired,” Police Chief Jeff Burgner said. “Given community tension around this incident, it is our goal to ensure that this investigation is conducted thoroughly and accurately to ensure justice for all parties involved.”

Portillo’s has turned over surveillance footage to police.

“We are a company that really focuses on having a good culture and a good experience, so we are cooperating with police and letting them handle what’s going on,” a spokesperson said.

Residents say that they are upset and disappointed following the confrontation, with some calling it “heartbreaking” to see the fight play out.

“It’s horrible that it’s happening in our city,” one resident said. “It never should have happened.”

“I think it’s pretty awful to see,” another resident added. “I never thought I would see that in my town. To see that was heartbreaking and gutwrenching.”

Oswego police and the Kendall County State’s Attorney are working in consultation to determine whether charges will be filed, and no formal announcement has yet been made.

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