Key Matchups: Bears vs. Rams

Bears fans should feel optimistic going into Sunday's game.

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Coach | Advantage Bears
nOnce upon a time, people thought Jeff Fisher and the St. Louis Rams might make their way to the Super Bowl. Now we're not even sure if they'll make it to December. At least Marc Trestman can keep his team from completely falling apart.
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Quarterback | Advantage Bears
nA tale of two back-ups. Kellen Clemens is the new starter for the Rams after Sam Bradford tore his ACL earlier this season, and Josh McCown is still in for Cutler until further notice. In four weeks, McCown has exceeded Clemens in yardage and touchdowns. Plus, he doesn't get sacked as often. And he's not on the Rams.
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Running back | Advantage Bears
nZac Stacy has 537 yards to Matt Forte's 774. That's a decent record for him being a rookie, but at the end of the day, Forte's experience and talent is far too difficult to match.
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Wide receiver | Advantage Bears
nBrandon Marshall has almost doubled Chris Givens' yardage this season, and Givens still hasn't scored a touchdown. Enough said.
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KR | Advantage Bears
nWe're beginning to think there isn't a better kick returner than Devin Hester. And if there is, it's certainly not Benny Cunningham. 299 yards on kick returns? Please.
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Defense | Push
nThe Bears' defense would be a more obvious choice if it were fully in tact. But it's not. Plus, the Rams' defensive line has had its moments this season. Robert Quinn in particular is someone the Bears' offense needs to watch out for.
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