We're Being Overrun by Bad Holiday Sweaters

Dress up in your worst holiday jumper for a night at NV Penthouse Lounge

They're baaaaack -- those eyesore sweaters adorned with snowmen, red-nosed reindeers and god-knows-what-else that resurface every holiday season (usually by your crazy aunt). Now that they're considered "kitschy," rest assured you'll be seeing them more and more, and in the most unlikely of places. Take, for example, NV Penthouse Lounge, an uber-chic River North nightspot that is generally filled with the likes of Dolce & Gabbanas, not Dancing Santas.

That will all change tonight as NV unleashes its "Hideous Holiday Sweater Party" from 9PM-2AM. You'll be rubbing elbows (perhaps covered in suede patches) will other scenesters decked out in tongue-in-cheek toppers while the staff will be dressed as various Christmas characters. There will be 10 Cane Rum eggnog and a Cuervo Platino cocktail sampling (from 10-11:30PM) to fuel the fun, as well as complimentary appetizers.

NV will also be unveiling its new Thursday-night residencies of DJ Flipside and MC Red Hot. Cover is $25 after 11PM, so get there early to show off your best duds (and we do mean duds).

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