Well that didn't work too well

For Thursday Traffic Trivia, I tried to make the question a no-brainer today. Why? Well, Zoraida has been 0-for-the-year so far and we gotta get her on the board! I fumbled the segment a bit at 5:15 and it didn't work out too well (and now I owe Z a meal or two, way to go Matty!!).

Payback sucks sometimes. The question was "What does the Elgin-O'Hare Expressway enter? Elgin, O'Hare, Both or Neither? The answer is neither, and the screen showed "A-Elgin." This segment finds a way to fall apart every week, it's quality unintentional comedy. Make sure you watch every week.

**Traffic this week has been borrrrrrrrrrring! Barely had a crash today and a few delays before 7 o'clock. However, we are starting to see a few things get rolling for the spring (ah, spring, just nice to say). Construction is picking up on the tollway circuit. Make sure you are careful not to enter one of the Contraflow lanes and miss your exit. (that's traffic lingo for express lanes) You'll note that the Tri-State Tollway up in Lake County has been reconfigured so have fun on I-94 heading to Wisconsin folks!

The other item is "sunshine delays." Chopper Legend Mike Lorber noted this today and we noticed a quick spike on the Eisenhower Expressway. That's a road that's notorious for glare problems when you head in and out of the city. Get those sunglasses, put them in the car, and leave them there! (By a $5 pair from the gas station or something!)

**How is everyone doing with the new parking meters so far? I've already run into one incident myself, and I'll try and detail that next week for you. So stay tuned.

**Dance Friday should be a good one tomorrow, (breaking news pending of course), the crew from the Northwestern Dance Marathon will be joining us at 6:50 as we continue the overplay of one of the most popular dance songs in 2009. (If you flip on Ty on 103.5 KISS FM you'll probably hear it once or twice)

**26 days until the Winter Parking Ban is over!

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