Pure and Simple

Philosophy hits home run with new facial cleanser

Multi-tasking in today’s society is how we achieve our greatest successes, so imagine our joy when we discovered a face wash that employs the same -- philosophy.

The Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser from Philosophy is just the ticket to ultimate triumph when it comes to your skin regime. This star product simultaneously removes makeup and dirt and deep cleans your pores without drying out your skin. It’s like that rockstar intern that goes above and beyond to help get us through our day.

Just like Philosphy’s past scents that kept us wanting more (like that vanilla birthday cake bath and shower gel that smells good enough to actually eat), this new cleanser doesn’t fall short. Sage, carrot and chamomile infusions provide that little extra dose of relaxation we all need.

And, if you’re fresh out of eye makeup remover, Purity steps up to the plate in that department as well. It's safe enough to use on the eyelids and ultra-sensitive skin.

The bad news? Now there's really are no more excuses for showing up to work wearing last night’s sexy glitter eyeliner.

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