Wait, Isn't This Marshall Field's?

Macy's bringing back some of the Field's classics

We have a confession to make.

We still have our old, defunct Marshall Field’s credit card in our wallet. It just seems wrong to cut it up... I guess we’re a sucker for nostalgia.

You know what? We’re not the only ones. (Check out this site if you’re still raging for the return of Marshall Field’s.) And it seems that the suits at Macy’s are getting the message. The Tribune reported last week that Macy’s is now looking to a new “localization” strategy to boost sales.

In Chicago, that means giving the people what they miss – bits and piece of Marshall Field's. Items like Joseph Abboud suits will soon be back on the shelves, and Macy's will begin selling higher-end items. For example, tuxedos are coming back to the State Street store.

You know what else would work? Turning back time and not getting rid of Marshall Field’s in the first place.

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