Saving Summer Skin

Fight signs of aging with a Chicago-based skincare line

When it comes to summer, our skin usually takes a beating from all the sun and surf. But there's a few ways to combat summer skin problems and fight the signs of damage.

Dr. Carolyn Jacob, dermatologist and local spokesperson for Vitaphenol skincare line (which is known for their unique combination of antioxidants that get deep into the surface of the skin), shares her tips for saving summer skin.

Chicago weather is hot, then cold, then rainy. How do we find a way to manage when it comes to skincare?

It can be tough with the changing climate. It's important to hydrate (with moisturizers) the skin in cold, windy weather, and protect the skin (with sunscreen) in sunny warm weather. All of the stressors to the skin lead to damage that can be improved with antioxidants such as Vitamins C&E, green and white tea, and mangosteen, all found in the Vitaphenol Skincare Line.

Summer weather also means we'll be getting sun on our faces, whether intentionally or not. Are there products that we can use to help nourish our skin especially during this time of year?

All year long your skin is bombarded by pollutants and stressors which increase the breakdown of collagen and elastic tissue, leading to wrinkled skin. Sun exposure also causes a cascade of damage leading to brown spots and red blood vessels. Vitaphenol contains anti-oxidants to combat the stressors, as well as skin growth factors in their rejuventaing serum to boost collagen production and help maintain skin's integrity, especially the Cellustructure Rejuventating Serum. Also, always use SPF, every day to protect.

How do we control grease and shine?

Use a mattifying gel, a cleanser with glycolic acid or salicylic acid, and a light oil free moisturizing sunscreen, like the Vitaphenol Daily Fortified Moisturizer.

What about if we get really burned?

Prevent by reapplying SPF of 15 or higher every 2 hours when out. Avoid the hours of 10am-4pm. If you get burned, use hydrocortisone cream and ice packs to the area and take ibuprofen every 4- 6 hours with food to decrease inflammation. Moisturize well, and use antioxidant creams to reduce the damage to the skin.

Whats the best way to treat our skin in extreme heat?

Seek the shade!

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