Vacuum Humper Rodeo

* Behold!  Some weirdo who remakes My Little Pony as "Star Wars," "Batman" and Tim Burton characters.

* Amazingly, that guy who humped a vacuum cleaner is having trouble finding a job.

"Sooo... what are your qualifications to work for General Motors?"
"Well, I hump vacuum cleaners."
"I'm sorry?"
"I hump vacuum cleaners."
"That's what I thought you said.  Go on."
"That's it."
"Where do you see yourself in five years?"
"Probably humping more advanced vacuum cleaners."

Someday, you could power your iPod with your blood.  I can see it now: An episode of "Intervention" where a music junkie searches for an uncollapsed vein to tap.

* Because there's nothing like cool mountain air breezing twixt your bare thighs: Naked Hiking.

* At first blush, a vending machine that makes fresh pizza sounds like the gateway to heaven.  But what happens when your pizza gets caught on the little corkscrew hook thing?  I can imagine no greater tragedy.

* When you get a traffic ticket, why not express your displeasure by paying with a zip-loc bag filled with $200 in coins and plenty of urine?

Brazil's president blames "white people" for the global financial meltdown.  Sure.  Next thing you know, they're gonna start blaming us for slavery.

* When your country develops a death ray, the arms race is over.  U-S-A!  U-S-A!  U-S-A!

* This was a lovely find earlier this week: A woman who says her pig can do tricks, but she's totally deluded.  The best part is the deadpan reporter.  Listen to what he says at the 1:00 mark after, "This is a very talented pig..."  Love it.

* In today's Terrible NASA Idea File™: Astronauts are bringing home a spider that's been on the International Space Station since November.  Yeah.  Space spiders.  I know.  This is inevitable.

Idaho teacher sells advertising space on history tests.  (This test has been brought to you by the letter "F.")

* Don't you hate it when the police start hassling you, just because you're watching child porn with a friend while simultaneously having sex with two dogs?  Yeah.  Me, too.


* Local tool/millionaire goes on rich guy dating reality show.  Look at this guy.  Total tool. 

From the Sun-Times: (The tool) speaks a lot in the third person, and right off the bat he tells (the matchmaker), "I am the pulse of Chicago." He seems to be a spent millionaire, complaining that he is sick of women using him for sex.

He's the kind of guy who probably dates vacuum cleaners. 

* Bad idea: Posting naked pictures of yourself online.
Worse idea: Doing that when you're 14.  Because you will be arrested.  For child pornography.

* Want to relive your childhood?  Want to look as unsexy as possible?  Buy adult-sized footed pajamas.  (Suck on THAT, Snuggie.)

* Unleash your Friday rage by looking at slow-motion pictures of bullets blowing things up.

* You fail at life when you get married and you and your new husband have to move in with your ex-husband.  Seriously.  You fail.

* And finally, I leave you to ponder this terrifying treasure available from  The Cleveland Indians "Forest Face."  Just $24.95 for an endless parade of nightmares.

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