The Story of Blane Fonda


As we sit just days away from the final concert of a band like Chin Up Chin Up, we are reminded how fleeting the life a band can be. Bands can part ways for a variety of reason, but what is typically sited is "creative differences". Such is the case for a band that was named one of 10 new Chicago acts that should be heard from in 2008 by Jim DeRogatis just 18 months ago, The Sapiens. Despite their snappy suits and well defined indie pop melodies, The Sapiens were not meshing the way each member had hoped. They had even taken a retreat of sorts last December to try to strengthen the bond of the band, but it was to no avail. In January the band parted ways with its lead singer and began a search for a new frontman.

Mark Wetzel (formerly of Technicolour Stallion) was who they found and now The Sapiens have regrouped as Blane Fonda. As you might image this is a major adjustment for a band, but it gives them an opportunity experiment and discover a sound that truly represents them as a band. The band made their debut at The Beat Kitchen last month, and as they continue play and practice Blane Fonda may soon become one of the 10 bands to watch in 2009.

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