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South American soundbwoy: Cardopusher

Since relocating his base of operations from Boston to Chicago a couple of years ago, DJ C (aka Jake Trussell) has kept his MashIt label going; issuing a steady stream of digital tracks and mixtapes, serving up a lot of bouncement and nu-skool ragga-jungle rollers on top of frequently teaming up local dancehall artist MC Zulu. This week finds C using the label to spotlight some recent work by a pair of emerging artists on the international dubstep scene -- specifically a pair of Venzuelan DJ/producers by the names of Cardopusher and Pacheko.

Both hailing from the city of Caracas, Cardopusher and Pacheko have been dropping tracks via various labels over the past two years, and -- despite Cardopusher's recent move to Barcelona -- they often collaborate on rocking spots as cornerstone members of the Caracas-based Wob This! network of dubstep DJs.

Their new 7-track This Troy split-EP officially drops today. You can grab it via the MashIt site, where DJ C's also offering a free teaser track from Pacheko (below) and samples of the EP's other cuts. Good stuff. For instance, check the track "Twins" -- particularly the way Cardopusher lays down the requisite bass pulsations and smoked-out sonics sculpting, and then gradually builds the track up by layering on some dizzying polyrhythms and snatches of some classic reggae horn riffs. Leave it to a couple of artists from the tropic regions to know how to take the music back to its Caribbean roots.

[mp3]: Pacheko - "Green Bull (B Bull Mix)"

[video]: Cardopusher & Pecheko - live in Maracaibo, VZ, 2008

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