Heading South to SXSW 2009: Blueblood, Day 5

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[Thom of Blueblood gives us 2 updates today. The first a recap of their St. Pat's shenanigans. The next, a brief post before they cross the Austin City Limits.]

First off- thank goodness for wide-mouthed Gatorade bottles.

We had a night off on Tuesday, so we planned to visit our friend, Randy in Kansas City. We drove to Randy's place in the Westport area, where some crazy St. Pats celebrating was happening. We walked towards the outdoor party on Westport Rd and Pennsylvania, and settled in the first bar we saw that did NOT have a line waiting to get in.

After each of us bought a round of PBR in a plastic cup... We decided to move on.

Randy was still at work, so we had to kill some more time. We then ventured into a bumpin' outdoor party across the street. I went to a state college for 1 year before I was gonna lose my mind (or my liver), and this party brought me right back there. Scantiliy clad bartenders were serving green beer and classic party "gems" such as "Who Let the Dogs Out", and "it's Time for the Percolator" assaulted my senses. If we had a "Party Bingo" game, all of the following would have a place on the card; drunk girls crying, drunk girls making out with each other, drunk girls being "grinded" on by several male partygoers, and girls flashing their parts for beads. Yes, those beads like in Mardi Gras. We asked a young lady where she got her particular beads from, and she explained that some she "earned" today, and some she earned at a Mardi Gras celebration, not in New Orleans, but St. Louis!? One of asked her.. St. Louis in February!? Isn't it still pretty cold then? She totally agreed, and went on to say it was extremely cold this year. But not cold enough to keep her from exposing herself to strangers for putrid cheap plastic necklaces. Jeez. Whatever, lady.

Anyway.. The same stuff was happening in Kansas City for St. Pats. Randy sent me a text saying he was gonna be home soon, so we got the hell out of that party to meet him at his house.

One of Mark's friends suggested we eat at a BBq joint called Arthur Bryants. So, the band and Randy drive down there for some KC bbq. Now, I don't eat meat. So my only option is the french fries. Being the only vegetarian in Blueblood, I'm used to meatless cheeseburgers and french fry dinners. Its fine. So about halfway into my plate of fries... My stomach started twisting and turning and knotting! I felt like hell. Instantly. Like hell. We get back to Randy's to figure out where to go. (Anywhere but that horrible frat party). As we all stood up to walk out the door, I ran to the bathroom to expunge the fries (and green beer). And I felt great! Whoo-hoo!!!

Michael, on the other hand.. felt the same as me.. So he stayed back while the rest of us ventured to Randy's fav watering hole in Westport.

I met them up there after catching a falafel sandwich from the "Mobile Jerusalem". The rooftop deck of Harry's overlooked more drunken debauchery on the street below. Just like the bingo card, couples fighting? Check. Random strangers making out? Check. More drunk girl antics? You got it. My falafel wasn't sitting well, so we called it a night, and walked back to Randy's where I vomited again, and slept on a loveseat, at times shared with Birdie, the long-haired cat.

The next morning, I felt better, and we headed off to Denton, TX. An 8 hour drive.


[From Denton, TX.]

After an 8 hour drive from Kansas City, we arrived in Denton, TX.

Dan's Silverleaf is a laidback, loungy bar with friendly waitstaff and Jimmy, one of the most passionate soundguys I've ever met.

The only people there, aside from some locals, are the bands playing that night: Disappears and Young Galaxy. We know Disappears from Chicago, and from some of them serving me at Rainbo Club. This was first time meeting and hearing Young Galaxy. The Canadian band were super-awesome friendly people, and as they sat for our set, we sat and enjoyed theirs as well.

Everyone got drunk and hung out. It wasn't a great show as far as attendance, but the vibe was very positive, and we all had a ton of fun. This show definitely lifted my spirits.

Austin's up next!!!!!


SXSW tour dates for Blueblood

March 13th- Milwaukee, WI, Frank's Power Plant
March 14th- Madison, WI, The Frequency
March 15th- Des Moines, IA, Vaudeville Mews
March 16th- Lincoln, NE, Box Awesome
March 17th- Kansas City, MO, (day off celebrating St. Pats.)
March 18th- Denton, TX, Dan's Silverleaf
March 19th- Austin, TX, Co-Lab Eastside Escape, 4pm
March 20th- Austin, TX, Brodown Hoedown II Day Party @ Back Alley Social, 2pm
March 21st- Austin, TX, Reggie's Chicago Day Party @ The Jackalope, 3pm

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