Enchanted by Roommate


"We laughed so much our chests caved in" is an interesting way to begin an album, but it doesn't sound at all out of place on Roommate's We Were Enchanted. The electronic instrumentation plus the wonderful strings laid out like pop, indie-rock or even contemporary classical at times is what makes this album a pleasure to hear with surprises throughout. I've never heard a record before with so many out of left field instruments sounding like they're meant to be played at the same time. Who else is playing güiro and keytar on the same song? What about Game Boy and harpsichord? (With this in mind, I would love to know what "brownie*" means in the liner notes for "New Steam." Speaking of that tune, there are elements of it that are awfully close to "March of the Siamese Children" from The King & I.) The 8-minute title track encompasses many of the features that make this the fullest-sounding Roommate record yet, though it's the simple "Night" (strangely enough, also the one that almost doesn't sound like it belongs) and closer "Isn't Radio" that stick out most. Kent Lambert and company have created an album that takes over the air and captures the listener's imagination.

Watch: "We Were Enchanted"

Roommate plays at the Bottom Lounge this Sunday, October 26, with the Judy Green, Jeff Harms and Rock Falls. Admission is $9 at the door. (That's $2.25 per artist.) The show begins at 8PM.

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