Coltrane Motion Takes It Up with The Boss

In recent days, the local duo Coltrane Motion leaked a pair of free new tunes via their own website. More specifically, they leaked a pair of cover versions by which band members Michael Bond and Matt Dennewitz offer their own reworkings of the Bruce Springsteen songs "I'm On Fire" and "I'm Going Down."

Those familiar with CoMotion's fuzzed-out electronic psych-pop might find the choice of cover material a little surprising. As the band explains on their website:

"After hearing Bruce's cover of a Suicide song ('Dream Baby Dream'), Michael attempted to invert the formula, drowning two of his favorite Springsteen songs in the droning keyboards and mechanical beats that Messrs. Vega and Rev pioneered. But the result doesn't sound much like Suicide or Springsteen..."

As it so happens, the arrival of these tracks coincides with (1) the release of The Boss' new album, which hits in stores on Tuesday; and (2) Coltrane Motion's performance this Friday evening at Reggie's Music Joint in the south Loop.

The group's previous album Songs About Music (out on their own Datawaslost label) was one of the more noteworthy and enjoyable local releases of 2007. Reportedly they have a new album in the work presently, and are aiming for a release date some time later this year. You can listen to their two Springsteen tracks via the links below, or download them via the band's site.

Coltrane Motion headlines at Reggie's Music Joint this Friday evening. The Helicopters, Thunders, and Replica Republic are on the opening bill. 2105 S. State Street. 9 PM. Admission is $5 (details here) with RSVP, $8 without.

Coltrane Motion - "I'm On Fire"

Coltrane Motion - "I'm Going Down"

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