The Fugly Sweater Craze Has Us Unraveled

From the newly launched Ugly Sweater Store (which we recently reported on) to an upcoming "Tacky Holiday Sweater Party" at a popular pub, fugly sweaters are suddenly having a moment.

But, why, good heavens, WHY? Isn't there enough bad fashion out there without celebrating it? And, how can you tell if someone is being hilariously ironic or just wearing an annual holiday staple? We forsee lots of awkward moments, Bridget Jones-style, this Christmas.

However, if you're a droll hipster who just loves this kind of thing, click on your favorite find on (or dig a ghost-of-Christmas-past gem out of your closet), and head to Lottie's Pub in Bucktown on Thursday, Dec. 18. Those in "costume" will enjoy a delightfully cheesy (think cocktail weiners, Swedish meatballs, cheese logs and fruitcake) hors d'oeuvres buffet from 8-9:30PM and drink specials ($4 draft beers and $5 Effen Black Cherry vodka drinks) all night long. We hear those fugly sweaters look better while slightly blurry. 

The most garish sweater will snag its wearer a $100 gift certificate to come back to Lottie's, hopefully wearing something less flammable next time.

Also, on Dec. 19, the Chicago Sports and Social Club is hosting an Ugly Sweater Party.

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