Michelle's Right to Bare Arms

Michelle Obama's fashion choices continue to spark debate

Of all the issues surrounding the White House these days, believe it or not, fashion is causing an uproar.

First Lady Michelle Obama's green, sleeveless, tea-length dress was a hit Feb. 25 when she presented the Library of Congress Gershwin Prize to Stevie Wonder. And with all eyes on the First Lady, Obama choose another unknown designer for the high profile event, Wonder's wife Kai Milla.

But the First Lady's affinity for unknown designers and modern taste has come with its share of criticism. And her main love for all things sleeveless seems to be the source of the controversy.

One miffed observer wrote to the Chicago Tribune: "Does the lady not understand that these big speech events are serious and important? Not a cocktail party?"

The article also discusses the other fashion complaint that Obama has not worn a dress by any African-American designers, which will be put to rest due to the beautiful, sleeveless pink dress designed by Tracy Reese on the cover of the current issue of People magazine. Plus, Kai Miller also happens to be African-American.

White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers expertly handled all the planning of the Gershwin Prize ceremony. But my source tells me that Rogers is still receiving heavy criticism from her so-called revealing outfit at the Carolina Herrera show during NY's Fashion Week as well.

Wow. So much fuss over a few sleeveless dresses and a skirt with no pantyhose.

LaShonda Matlock is a local gossip and entertainment blogger and a contributor to the NBC Chicago Street Team blog.

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