Dress Your Man Up for V-Day

Maybe he's going to treat you to a nice romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant. Or maybe he's planning a nice quiet evening at home. Whatever you end up doing on the most romantic day of the year, you'll look your best.  He should too, right?

"This year, (Valentine's Day is ) on a Saturday. So, all of us men have time to get our clothes pressed or cleaned," said Nicholas Hansen, co owner of Nicholas Joseph Custom Tailors.

He said it's all about putting in the extra effort for that extra special day.

Encourage your man to iron his clothes, polish his shoes, and use accessories to create that "wow" effect.  Also, suggest he go for a manicure, facial or fresh hair cut.

Sound like we're hatin' on men?  Quite the contrary. There are those men (and we know who they are) that need a little nudge every now and again.

It's not about spending a ton of money.  It's about him working with what he has so his overall appearance reflects the importance of the day.

The bottom line, Hansen said, is dressing to impress.

"You want your date to feel like she's not the only one looking at you," Hansen said.

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