Step Up Your Spring Shoe Game

It may not feel like it right now, but it's time to start thinking about spring shoes.

Nicole Jones, owner of Sensual Steps in Bronzeville, says women have more choices than ever this upcoming season.

"I'm so excited about spring because there's so many color variations going on. Some really unique wedge heels are out right now. Wood heels are in, cork heels -- we have a lot of really exciting things for spring," Jones said.

Many women sacrifice comfort for style, but according to Jones -- otherwise known as the "Shoe Professa" -- it doesn't have to be that way. The heels may be getting bigger, but the shoes are getting more comfortable.

"The reason why is because designers understand that if they don't make these shoes more comfortable, women are not going to wear them," Jones said.

Jones encourages women not to give up on heels, and to try on many different designers in order to find the right pair.

She's made many of her favorite lines available on

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