Richard Ray

Lockport Rescue Farm Raising Cash to Keep Doors Open

Operation Save M&M Acres is in full swing in Lockport.

The motto of the horse and farm animal sanctuary? Second chances.

“We just want to share our passion. We want to raise awareness, the money isn’t important to us, but now the money is very important because without it, we can’t survive," founder Megan Maher said.

They need tens of thousands of dollars to keep the facility open after their benefactor had to step away from helping financially.

The all female farm is a volunteer not-for-profit rescue that houses roughly more than 100 animals.

The lugging, scooping, feeding and lifting is in their hands.

“They are strong at heart, they are strong in muscle, they are amazing,” Maher said.

One of the many animals saved is Mirage.

“Her eye when we got her was actually sewn closed and she had an IV in her neck,” Maher said.

She says when kids come to visit they form an incredible bond with Mirage.

“She’s no less beautiful and people really, really relate to her," she said. "So, she’s saved, I think, a lot of people here."

Now, it’s M&M Acres that needs to be saved.

The ladies are trying to find several ways to raise funds, including sponsoring some of the animals.

“You can come to our property, interact with the animal, get regular updates on the animal,” volunteer Celia Porod said.

The volunteers say although they rescued them, they owe these animals their lives.

They just want to keep that tradition going.

A GoFundMe has been set up for the sanctuary.

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