Prepare for the Dirty Girls

Peaches, Amanda Blank perform at Metro

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Lucia Eggenhoffer

Peaches is all about sex -- from her gender-bending album covers and stage presence to her beyond filthy lyrics.

Yet for someone so over-sexualized, Peaches' stage presence isn't known as sexy. It is more like a celebration of sexuality, which is sometimes hot, sometimes silly, fun, or downright ugly. We've seen pictures of the singer riding a giant inflatable penis on stage. Seriously.

Peaches captures all of this in her sleaze-fest of a performance that you can check out for yourself Friday at Metro (3730 N Clark).

It will be hard to look away. Spank Rock protege, Amanda Blank will also be bringing her brand of bad-girl potty mouth raps to the party.

The Chi Guide: Peaches has been on a spectacular tour, playing songs from all of her albums with massive costume changes, stage diving and fans singing along. The audience at her last Chicago show was a sparkling spectrum of hot gays, ambigious hipsters and gaggles of girls dressed for a night out on the town.

Tickets are $23 in advance, $26 the day of the show.

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