Playboy Partial To Chicago Beef

Mag names top 10 sandwiches in the country

You've heard it said that men read Playboy for the articles.   Sure they do.

And a hungry man will certainly appreciate a recent item found on -- Playboy's A-List: America's Best Sandwiches.

Chicago, the original home of Hef's place, is in Playboy's top-10 list with the inclusion of Al's Italian Beef sandwich.

"Like the Philly Cheesesteak, the Italian beef is a local institution, and the argument over which is best rages through Chicago from Wrigleyville to the South Side. In a poll of staffers at Playboy’s offices in Chicago, however, Al’s Beef wins by a nose," the article states.

Al's came out on top in a poll of visitors last month, as well. The longtime Chicago favorite won the Golden Local award and the accompanying human trophy in May, beating out Mr. Beef with 73% of the online vote. 

So, apparently readers and Playboy have some things in common.  Care to share suggestions of what those things might be below?

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