Party and Eat Like A ‘Rockstar'

Rockstar Dogs Opens Second Chicago Location

Chicago is known for being serious about its hot dogs, so if you're going to open a new frank joint in the city, you'd better come correct.

Rockstar Dogs has not only established itself in the city for its dogs, it's also created a buzz with it's rock-and-roll attitude.

Its second Chicago location opened Tuesday (350 W. Armitage), and continues to put a rock-and-roll flare on an old Chicago tradition.

At first glance, Rockstar looks like any old cliche hot dog eatery, with ketchup-red, mustard-yellow and sky-blue colors accenting the walls. But take a closer look and you'll experience the rock-and-roll glamour.

Owner Dion Antic has a marketing arrangement with Fender guitars where guests can bring in their guitars and plug them into the Fender speakers to fulfill their rock star dreams.

And what rock star worth their salt doesn't enjoy having a stripper pole around? Yup, Rockstar has one of those too, and yes, if you're brave enough, you can give it a whirl.

Rockstar Dogs serves Vienna beef hot dogs, but also offer vegetarian and healthier lifestyle options like turkey hot dogs and Morningstar veggie dogs.

So give it a try rock star. Even if your lifestyle consists of sex, drugs and rock and roll, at some point you've still got to eat.

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