Mom Nominee #1: Julie Kanturek

Julie Kanturek

True fact: I take my mother for granted.  When a person is always there for you, often you begin to not notice all the impact and involvement they have in your life.  Maybe that is why we have special holidays to commemorate their roles in our lives.  They should have a day where they are the star, the hero, the person of honor.  But my mom does not deserve just one day out of three hundred and sixty-five.  For every injury she has healed with a kiss, every ride to softball practice, every helped math problem, and every hug when I’ve just had a bad day, my mom deserves a lifetime of recognition.

I believe that mothers are superheroes.  Somehow they can turn the impossible into the possible and work miracles.  I do not know how moms seem to be able to keep the whole family’s schedule straight, go to work, make dinner, help their kids with homework, clean the house, and still stay sane.  But if moms are superheroes, my mom has the coolest and strongest power ever.  Not only can my mom do everything I’ve already mentioned, but she also has the ability and humility to never think about her wants and focus purely on those of others.  You see, my mother is a teacher.  It’s bad enough that my mom has to put up my sister’s and my shenanigans, but everyday she goes to work and becomes the pseudo-mom to a class of over twenty second graders.  When she isn’t helping children read or learn how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide, she is trying to become an even better teacher and go back to college for her master’s degree.  It’s amazing that my mom even finds time to sleep.

However, since she is constantly worrying and caring for others, my mother does not seem to have the time that she ought to have to take care of herself.  She rarely gets free and quite moments in which she can relax and do the things she enjoys.  That’s why my mother needs a day to be pampered and treated like the amazing woman she is.  In complete honesty, I have never seen my mother wear her hair down.  She always puts it up in a ponytail, clip, or braid because it is so frizzy and curly.  Now don’t get me wrong, I believe, and my dad definitely agrees with me, that my mother is a beautiful lady both on the inside and out.  But with all the time she spends focusing on us kids, she never has the time to worry about her appearance or treat herself.  So, if for one day I could give my mom the gift of luxury and rest, well it would be a way for me to start repaying her for all she has done for me.

All moms deserve such a prize.  There should be an award ceremony like the Oscars, only for mothers.  Sadly however, the only way we can thank our moms are by noticing the small everyday things they do for us and show them our thanks as much as possible.  And on their special day, mother’s day, we can treat them like absolute queens.  We can repay our debts little by little through hugs and kisses, please and thank you’s, breakfasts in bed, homemade crafts and complete gratitude and love.  But if I could for one day give my mom the chance to look amazing and be treated like royalty, it would show her just how special and important she is to my whole family and me.

My mother is absolutely remarkable: my superhero, my protector, and my teacher.  If anyone deserves a makeover, she does. True fact: I love my mom and she loves me.  It’s as simple as that.

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