Colleges Vie for Michael Cera Party

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If you love him, he will come.

Youth in Revolt, the latest Michael Cera flick, is hosting a contest in which local colleges can win a screening of the movie plus a personal appearance by the bird-chested twee idol -- who's so expertly played the exact same character in every movie.

The college with the most "Demand It!" votes will receive a free screening of the film, including an appearance from Cera himself.

Students can vote online at
As of this writing, the Columbia College is leading with a whopping 85 votes. Second is Northwestern with 66, and third is U. of I. with 66.

At William Rainey Harper College, exactly two people care.

The contest is also open to students in Boston, San Francisco, Seattle and Philadelphia, where Drexel University leads with over 1,100 votes. Cera will make a stop once in each city.

Que Cera, Cera.

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