Make Baker & Nosh's Rustic Fruit Tart At Home

A new bakery offering fresh breads, cheeses, sandwiches and soups shares a tasty recipe

A new bakery just opened at 1303 W. Wilson in Uptown's Sheridan Park.  Their daily selection of freshly bake breads, sticky buns, flatbread pizzas, homemade soups and artisanal cheeses are a welcome addition to the neighborhood.  It also happens to be just two blocks from my home.  Located on the ground floor of the historic 1920's Wilson Hotel Apartment building, Baker & Nosh is friendly and inviting space that also includes seasonal outdoor lawn seating around a charming little fountain. 

Baker & Nosh is the creation of Bill Millholland. After spending many years working and teaching in the culinary industry, he decided that baking was his true passion.  Bill studied at the French Culinary Institute in New York, was a chef instructor at Toscana Saporita Cooking School in Lucca, Italy, and most recently a Chef instructor at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Chicago.

Baker & Nosh's homemade breads include baguettes, country white, sourdough boule, multigrain, semolina, chiabatta, focaccia and crusty roll.   Bill plans on offering baking classes in the coming months but was nice enough to share the recipe for making this rustic fruit tart.  This recipe uses a simple list of ingredients and works well with a variety of different types of fruit.

Seasonal Rustic Fruit Tart
courtesy Bill Millholland, Baker & Nosh

1 cu All Purpose flour
1 tbl Sugar
1/2 Stick Butter, cut in cubes
1/2 tsp Salt
1 Egg, whisked
2-4 tbl Water or Milk
1 lb Fruit, such as berries or stone fruit, rinsed

In a food processor, combine flour sugar, butter and salt.  Pulse until texture resembles course meal.  Add egg and pulse to combine.  Process, adding water little by little until a dough ball forms in the bowl.  Chill until firm - 30 minutes.  (Can be frozen for a later date)

Roll out crust to 1/4 inch thin, keeping dough as round as possible.  Please fruit in center of crust and fold up edges around fruit, crimping or pleating all the way around.

Brush the crust with egg for a shiny look and sprinkle with sugar.

Bake at 350 degrees F until golden brown and fruit juices are bubbling, about 25 - 35 minutes.

This tart can be served warm or at room temperature and is great with whipped cream or ice cream.

My thanks to Bill Millholland and all the folks at Baker & Nosh.  For more information, you can check out their website at

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