Last Chance for a Scare

Chicago haunted houses are waiting for you

In case you haven't been paying attention to the calendar, Halloween is TOMORROW.  You may have forgotten to buy candy (who gets trick-or-treaters much anymore anyway? You know you'll just end up eating those Milk Duds yourself), and you might be refusing to wear a costume once again this year, but there's still time to give yourself a little scare at a local haunted house. Tou don't even have to drive out to the suburbs –- there are a few creepy hauntings right here in the city:

1) The FEAR Haunted House at Navy Pier has a disclaimer on its web site: ''Warning: Hardcore Haunted House for teens and adults only.'' That sounds kind of intense, and it goes through Sunday, Nov. 2, so the party's not over until the end of the weekend.  You can also purchase your tickets online.

2) There's the Haunted Sanitarium at Theater on the Lake, 2401 N. Lake Shore Dr., sponsored by the Park District, is open through Nov. 1. Frankly, a sanitarium is creepy without even being haunted. The "haunted" part is just gravy.

3)    The Trails of Terror at Peterson Park, 5801 N. Pulaski Road, is open through Oct. 31.Having a haunted house experience that involves walking outside in the dark is cruel and unusual. And we like it.

For more haunted houses, check out the Haunted House Chicago web site.

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