Jimmy John's Got Beef With Halsted Street Deli

Company claims two sandwiches infringe on trademark

The company that promises "subs so fast you'll freak," freaked out themselves when they saw the menu items at a Chicago restaurant.

Jimmy John's is suing the parent company of Chicago's Halsted Street Deli for two sandwiches it claims are too similar, Crain's reports.

The company has a problem with Halsted Street Deli's Tom and Hunter's Club sandwiches, which it claims is similar in name and ingredients to its own Tom Turkey and Hunt Club sandwiches.

According to the suit, Jimmy John's asked the Deli to stop using the name, but a Halsted Street International lawyer responded in part by saying the JJ sandwich uses the possessive form of the word "Hunter's," while Halsted's version uses the singular "Hunter."

Jimmy John's is seeking unspecified damages, the removal of the name, and the destruction of all signs and menus, Crain's reports. 

But it's a food fight that reminds us of the scene from "Coming to America" involving the owner of McDowell's fast food restaurant:

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