Legal Gun Purchase Stifled For Medical Pot User

Evette Wormley’s been using edible forms of medical marijuana for a year now.

"This is strawberry candy bar," she said of one of her cannabis-infused treats. "Really good."

She suffers from autoimmune deficiencies, including lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.

"I don't have not as much inflammation," she said of her symptoms after using medical marijuana.

She recently renewed her Firearm Owner Identification card and decided to buy a gun from a store in Plainfield. She chose a .38 EZ special for protection.

"They did 10 minutes background check, said all was fine, so I paid for the gun and was told there was a three day waiting period," Wormley recalled to an NBC 5 reporter on Friday.

But a few days ago, Wormley says she got a call from the Illinois State Police telling her the purchase was denied because she uses medical marijuana.

"He told me that its still classified as a schedule one drug," she said of the phone call. "There are people out there on opioids that have a gun."

Wormley says she asked state police to tell her where she could find more specifics and if it was state law.

"He read it to me but could not tell me where to go to find it," she said.

Information NBC 5 found on the Illinois State Police website says medical marijuana cardholders will not have their FOID or concealed carry cards revoked, or denied due to their status. State law requires that a person's status as a medical marijuana cardholder not result in the denial of any right or privilege. But NBC 5 found nothing saying medical marijuana card holders can’t buy guns from stores.

"It does not make any sense to me," Wormley said. "I want to purchase a gun, but I can't. I'm mad."

Wormley says state police recently contacted her again, telling her that she can buy a gun from a private seller or have one gifted to her. NBC 5 called the Illinois State Police for clarification but did not immediately hear back.

"I have nothing to hide," Wormley said. "I'm trying to do it all legally."

Wormley says she plans on getting a refund for the gun she bought. She says she’ll possibly buy one from a private seller.

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