Pritzker, Rauner Talk Over Issues, One Another at Sun-Times Debate

Another contentious debate Tuesday between Gov. Bruce Rauner and challenger J.B. Pritzker.

They met Monday at the Chicago Sun-Times as the nastiest and most expensive campaign in Illinois heads into its final month.

They interrupted each other so often -- at one point the moderator said "boys, boys, stop." Also, it was Rauner's answer on immigration and Pritzker's unwillingness to answer several questions that left the biggest impression from this third debate.

“He has said there is no such thing as an illegal person,” Rauner said. “He has said there’s no such thing as illegal and he wants more sanctuary cities in Illinois.”

“People are not illegal,” Pritzker responded. “There are undocumented immigrants, but people are not illegal.”

Rauner says illegal immigration impacts Chicago violence.

“Large scale illegal immigration holds down wages and takes jobs that would otherwise be available for American citizens, Chicago citizens, and takes them for illegal immigrants, that’s the connection,” Rauner said.

Pritzker, who supports a graduated income tax, will not offer details on how that tax will be implemented and won't answer what income level is middle class.

“It’s hard to pick one of those because I actually think there are a lot of people actually making more and less than that,” Pritzker said.

Pritzker was wary of saying on the record what income level is considered middle class.

Both were also asked what they do to stay fit and relieve stress. The governor rides his motorcycle.

“I also swim, when I can, it’s not nearly enough,” Rauner said. “But I also skate.”

Pritzker had a bit of a laugh with his response.

“(I’m a) tennis player, a decent one,” Pritzker said. “Although I have trouble, I admit, getting everywhere on the court—sometimes I miss shots.”

The final debate is Thursday evening in downstate Quincy, where the veterans home that had a Legionnaries outbreak is located.

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