Half a Million for a Promotion from Blago?

Feds allege Gov. tried to get donation while appointing exec's daughter-in-law

The hits just keep coming for Gov. Rod Blagojevich and, seemingly, anyone who ever did business with him.

"The daughter-in-law of a Bridgeview concrete company executive, identified as 'Highway Contractor 1' in the federal charges against Gov. Rod Blagojevich, quietly was appointed to head a state commission and received a big bump in pay," Fox News Chicago reports.

"Lainie Krozel, 39, of Hinsdale, was promoted Oct. 1 by the governor to executive director of the Illinois Liquor Control Commission - about the same time that Blagojevich sought a $500,000 campaign donation from Gerald Krozel, vice president of Bridgeview's Prairie Material, one of the state's largest concrete producers, according to federal prosecutors."Lainie Krozel refused a request from Fox News Chicago to answer questions about her appointment.

"In the federal complaint against him, Blagojevich is accused of trying to score a $500,000 donation last fall to his campaign fund from Gerald Krozel," Fox notes.

Gerald Krozel may be cooperating with authorities, according to the Southtown Star.

"None of the Krozels is accused of any wrongdoing," Fox News notes.

"But the timing of Lainie Krozel's appointment gets at the heart of the U.S. attorney's accusation that Blagojevich was exchanging political favors and campaign contributions for state jobs and seats on state boards and commissions, said Jay Stewart,executive director of the Better Government Association."

"Who knows what led to her being appointed?" Stewart said. "You have to be skeptical about everything. That's why [Blago] has to go."

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