Go Ugly This Holiday Season

Chicago Entrepreneurs Open Ugly Sweater Store

After years of taking up space in your closet, you finally got rid of that Cosby-era sweater. But now that ugly sweater holiday parties are all the rage, you're kicking yourself for throwing it out.

Well, have no fear, two Chicago entrepreneurs have launched an online retail boutique to serve your needs. It's called www.UglySweaterStore.com.

The Web site provides one-of-a-kind ugly sweaters that promise to make party-goers stand out.

"Through the years we've developed a strong passion for ugly sweater shopping and realized we could save people a lot of time during the busy holiday season by collecting these sweaters in one shopping location," said Jenny Keeney, co-founder of the Ugly Sweater Store. "We found we had a knack for finding castaway ugly sweaters, and I think party-goers will be pleased with the selection, quality and ugliness of our inventory."

Keeney and co-founder Clarissa Trujillo define an ugly sweater as "an overly-gaudy garment that is often adorned with large appliqué or knitted cartoon-like figures and sometimes made of bad color combinations. Beading, bells, buttons and sequins are sometimes used to embellish the garment."

Prices range from $10 to $25 for each item, and the site also includes a link to ugly sweater events around the country.

Bill Cosby would be proud.

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