Gloom and Doom on the CTA

A year gone awry

What was your favorite CTA moment of 2008 - the Blue Line "self-evacuation", the Green Line derailment, or one of the many Doomsdays averted?

It's hard to pick, we know, but the CTA Tattler is counting 'em down month-by-month - not just the bad and the ugly, but the good too.

For example, the Tattler counts these among the gifts given to us this year by the CTA:

* A redesigned Web site garnering rave reviews.

* A partnership with Google for its Google Transit website.

* The Bus Rapid Transit Pilot Program.

Still, it's hard not to get around the fact that it was a disastrous year for the CTA, from problems caused by cold weather last winter to fire on the tracks last spring.

Tough times even turned some folks against the CTA Holiday Train, but we count it as one of the bright spots of the year - something we can still count on in a public transportation world gone awry. If only every train could look as good and run as well. Maybe next year.

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