Free Wheeling

I couldn't help but laugh when I heard the dispatch come over the police scanner yesterday morning. She was instructed by her CPD bosses to tell all patrolling officers to "not write tickets for anyone parked at a pay-and-display box in the Central District."

If you didn't know by now, the new "high-tech" parking system collapsed around 9:30 AM on Wednesday. Parkers weren't getting their receipt, or were told by the machine to go to another box to pay, etc. By 5pm all the meters were back, and tickets were being written again. All is well with the city and their precious parking scandal.

Or is it?

Check out the great work done by the fine folks at the Chicago Reader on how the city may have undervalued the worth of all those parking spaces. (and enjoy the art work done on Mr. Daley and his "evil plan to take over the world")

**I have to admit that award-winning NBC 5 Producer Ben Bowman struck gold on May 6 with his discovery of the most awesome shirt ever, but I think it's time to take the Wolf Shirt phenomenon to the next level. Yes, the shirt is popular, people continue to try and top one another with a witty review that would make the folks at Deadspin and The Onion laugh. But the time is now. Gather your shirts, put em on. Bring your ID and cash. Because...


...Sun-Times contributor Scott Phillips and I have decided that if the Snuggie can have a bar crawl, why not the Wolf Shirt? The reviews say they instantly get you chicks. Well, then it's time to test this grand theory. Finally, where should this epic tour of adult establishments conclude? Howl At The Moon of course! Tell Bowman to get 'em on the phone. Let's do this. (and for charity of course.)

**Trivia today revealed that the Mars Cheese Castle sign in Kenosha is 8.3 miles from the state line. Should you ever need cheese with your Powerball ticket, now you know that you don't have to go too much farther into Dairyland than you already have to.

You're welcome!

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