Feather Flapper Cafe Bag

Feathers and satin make this bag a glam addition

White House Black Market

RUFFLE MY FEATHERS: Show up at cocktail hour with this marabou feather-covered flapper café bag with black satin interior and magnetic snap closure. It’s a little bit of flashy but not at all trashy. Get it at White House Black Market.

METAL HARDWARE: An otherwise plain Jane ensemble gets a little edge to it when this woven chain ring shows up in the mix. It’s an allover hematite brass chain design with a single rhinestone for a mere $28. Find yours at BCBG.

JUST WING IT: Biking in winter is not our idea of a good time, but if you’re hardcore, you might want to put these on your wish list. These wing-shaped bicycle clips made from reflective material will keep pants from getting caught in bike chains. Get them here.
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