Flipside Wallet

A wallet that keeps things locked into place

LOST SOUL: Those who constantly lose their personal belongings will find comfort in this Flipside Wallet. One side holds cards, the other holds cash and receipts, and the whole thing locks shut  in a chic case. Get it here.

GET A WHIFF: The Lola Solid Perfume Ring by Marc Jacobs gives off sexy scents of pink peppercorm, pear, and ruby red grapefruit while doubling as a trendy piece of jewelry. Get this floral perfume ring at Sephora.
PURPOSEFUL BLING: A lady enjoys baubles in pretty much every form, so its no surprise these oversized bejeweled magnets from the Container Store are a hot gift item. Perfect for adding a little bling to an otherwise-mundane refrigerator. Get a set in pink, green or clear here.
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