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New web site searches restaurants by menu items

Who hasn't been in a situation where you're trying to figure out what you're going to eat, but are sick of the same old standbys.

There's so many restaurant Web sites out there that it can make your head spin. Most allow you to search by neighborhood or cuisine, but how many allow you to search by individual menu items?

That's where has staked its place in the culinary world. The Web site searches through actual menus and pulls up the restaurants that offer the dishes you're seeking.

And even better, it appears to have a deep database. We tested it out by looking for "jerk chicken" in the South Loop (60605). Within seconds, it popped up everything from Cuatro's Pinchos De Pollos to the Jerk Chicken Burrito at Burrito Buggy on Van Buren.

OK, so that was an easy one. Are you in the mood for an ostrich burger? Head over to Mother Hubbard's Cupboard. Who knew?

The site also includes the price of the items and whether the restaurant delivers, so you don't even have to leave the house.

The results also include helpful information for people with dietary restrictions, as well as a "Menu Item Ratings" that help people find top-rated items on a given menu.

Now if they only had an iPhone app ...

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